Wednesday, June 13, 2012

East Chapel Hill High's ESL class featured on CNN

Gregory Cain's ESL Class
Gregory Cain's ESL class at East Chapel Hill High School was featured on CNN's Student News and received a "shoutout" in a news clip.

The students show a high level of engagement when the class watches the 10 minute Student News segment several times a week.  The show is ideal for second language learners and is very visual, featuring many international news segments.  The series allows ESL students to learn language in a highly engaging setting and is always followed up with classroom discussions.

This class asked Cain to send their picture to CNN Student News.  The class is highly diverse, which is what piqued CNN's interest.  There are students from Burma, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, El Salvador, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Thailand and Venezuela.  Cain himself is from Canada.