Tuesday, September 4, 2012

District Hosts Focus Groups for Upcoming Long-Range Plan

CHCCS is planning several focus groups to provide parents and community members an opportunity to provide feedback regarding the “Shared Beliefs” generated by the 250 participants at the Greenhouse Project last spring.

The belief statements will serve as the foundation of the district's new long-range plan.  Input from staff and parents is critical during the early steps of the long-range planning initiative.  Last year, Superintendent Tom Forcella visited faculty meetings to receive input with regard to the school district's strengths, weaknesses and critical issues.  The information generated by staff members and other community groups and organizations served as important information in generating the shared beliefs.

A number of focus group meetings have been scheduled for anyone in the community who would like additional information about the long-range planning initiative or would like to offer feedback with regard to the district's shared beliefs.  Focus groups for school staff have also been scheduled.

Below are the focus group meetings and the current draft of the belief statements.
  • Parent/Community Focus Group:   September 18, 2012 from  6:30 - 8:30 p.m.  in the Carrboro HS Commons
  • EC Focus Group:  September 27, 2012 from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.  in the Carrboro HS Commons

Shared Beliefs
(April 2012 Draft)
The items listed are the areas cited most often by the participants at the 2012 Green House Project.  The exact belief  statements will be crafted as part of the next phase of long-range planning.  These statements are to be considered a “work in progress."
  • Belief in a “Growth Mindset” in a 21st Century Learning Environment. The fact that all students can increase their intelligence given the appropriate instruction, effort and time is critical for increased student learning and the reduction of the achievement gap.
  • Belief in the importance of an equity focus in all schools and programs. In all cases an emphasis on the “whole child” should be evident; social, emotional and academic well being.
  • Belief that professional development and training should be valued and embedded into the culture of the organization. New and innovative models should be examined and implemented.
  • Belief that a culture of collaboration and mutual trust as well as the existence of a collective commitment to do  whatever it takes to improve the learning environment is critical to our success. Communication that is open and honest is critical to improvement and supports positive change in our schools.
  • Belief that accountability and more importantly responsibility for implementation at multiple levels is critical to our success as a school system. Principals acting as instructional leaders are key to the improvement of instruction and student achievement.

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