Monday, February 3, 2014

Middle and High School Courses for 2014-15 Student Registration

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools is pleased to announce the launch of online course registration information for middle school and high school students on Monday, February 3, 2014.  Courses at CHCCS is a new, public website that places course listings and other relevant information online for easy access by parents, students, and CHCCS employees.  Students and parents will now be able to review course offerings and important program information from their computers and other devices.  Families can translate the documents using online translation resources.  Course booklets will no longer be published, but all documents on the site can be easily printed.
The site is located at and will also be accessible through the district website (  When using the district website, click on Academics>Courses to get to the information.

Information on the website will always reflect the most accurate course information available.

To access course lists, navigate to the appropriate academic level (Middle School or High School) from the home page of the site.  Course listings are broken down by grade level for middle school and by subject for high school.  General information is located on the left of the page.  

Course listings and information documents can be printed by going to the “Printable Course Listings” page for each academic level.  Navigate to the “Print course lists” link underneath the course listing.  Open the document you wish to print and click the printer icon on the document.  (Note: If you are having trouble printing directly from the document, change the printing “Destination” to “Save as PDF” and click Save. A PDF file will be saved to your computer.  Open the PDF file on your computer and print the document from the PDF application menu (Adobe Reader or Preview on a Mac).

We hope you will find this resource helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s counselor.

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