Friday, March 27, 2015

First Ever "SHINE" Awards at Smith Middle School

The First Smith Middle School "SHINE" Awards!

Two weeks ago, when we announced the last call for Teacher of the Year voting, one sixth-grade student came to the office wondering where he could cast his ballot. When we told him that only other staff could vote he was disappointed and asked "Who knows better than the kids who the best teachers are?"  

It was a fair question. So Assistant Principal Kevin Kay instituted the first ever SHINE awards, student chosen teacher of the year awards for each grade level and for electives. After a week of voting, and with all lunch periods reporting, we are prepared to announce the winners:
  • 6th Grade - Ms. Lori Clark
  • 7th Grade - Mr. Andy Lathren
  • 8th Grade - Mr. Dan Segal
  • Electives - Mr. Eric Zeigler
All are pictured below with the award's founder.

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