Friday, May 6, 2016

On Thursday, April 28, on the UNC-Greensboro campus, 23 Smith students participated in the Finals of the NC State Math Contest. The contest is divided into three levels, depending on which high school-level math course the student is taking:  Level 1 (for Math 1 students), Level 2 (for Math 2 students), and Level 3 (for Math 3 students).

Smith students were crowned State Champions in all three divisions and placed several other students in the Statewide Top 10. Congratulations to the following students:

Level 1:
Leo deJong (State Champion)
Jack Xu (8th place)
Neo Zhu (10th place)

Level 2:
Jonathan Xu (State Champion)
Andrew Zhen (7th place)
Zachary Zheng (10th place)

Level 3:
Aaron deJong (State Champion)
Adrian Thananopavarn (2nd place)
Mathias Shundi (6th place)
Matt Kaminsky (9th place)

The Smith students are taught by Lori Clark, Monica Mihalcescu, and Boyd Blackburn. Getting to this level involves hard work and passion on the part of the students and their teachers. Congratulations on their fantastic accomplishment!

This wraps up another stellar year for the Smith Math Team.