Monday, May 9, 2016

Pen Pals!

Literacy, Learning and Leadership
Carrboro High School Youth Leadership and Mary Scroggs After School Adventures Program

The Blue Ribbon Youth Leadership Institute students at Carrboro High School became pen pals with Mary Scroggs After School Adventures Program students.  After School Adventures is the result of a Public School Foundation grant awarded to Shelby White and Susan Jullian, designed to assist second grade students with literacy, math and writing.  The pen pal program was initiated by After School Adventures to help students with writing.  Fifteen second grade students wrote letters to 15 Blue Ribbon Youth Leadership (YLI) Carrboro High School students.  The first letter was an introduction in which students shared basic information and hobbies.  The high school students responded to the letters.  There were three exchanges of letters during the spring semester.  The exchange experience was a real motivator for the second graders. Susan Jullian reported that a shy student wrote three sentences in his introductory letter.  The last letter he wrote was an entire page!  

The pen pal project concluded recently with a surprise visit from the high school pen pals.  An after school celebration provided students an opportunity to meet their pen pals, play games and have refreshments. The students were elated to meet the pen pals!

The Blue Ribbon Youth Leadership (YLI) seeks to provide high school students with leadership skills in their community to be advocates for change.  This was a great opportunity for students to implement their leadership skills with integrity and compassion.  YLI students at Carrboro High School meet twice a month during lunch and participate in a local service-learning project.