Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bond Passes! Message from Board Chair

James Barrett
I want to personally thank all who contributed to the passing of the school bond. This bond is about much more than securing funds for needed projects. It is also a vote of confidence for our values, and for our staff, affirming their amazing work. 
Moreso, it is a vote of encouragement for our students. This vote sends a loud and clear message that our community is here for them, invested in their success, and, ultimately, dependent upon the realization of their unlimited potential.
Now, it is time to roll up the sleeves and begin the hard part of our work. We will be meeting regularly with our architects and the town to secure a variety of permits, with hopes of beginning construction on the Pre-Kindergarten center in August/September. Chapel Hill High will take a little longer to prepare, but we expect to begin that reconstruction in 2018.
While these projects get underway, we must simultaneously collaborate with our County Commissioners in an effort to prepare for the funding of the next phase of our facilities plan. Schools included in Phase II include Seawell Elementary, Estes Hills Elementary, Ephesus Elementary and Phillips Middle. 
There is much to be done. Passing this bond was a great start. We will work diligently, and as good stewards. 
On behalf of our entire Board of Education, thank you for your continued support.
James Barrett
Chair, Board of Education