Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mix It Up!

It’s a simple call to action: take a new seat in the cafeteria. By taking a risk, this one day, students can cross the lines of division in a safe, controlled environment, meet new people, and help build an inclusive and welcoming school community. Mix It Up is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance program, which aims to reduce prejudice and improve intergroup relations in the nation’s classrooms and communities.

Recently, two CHCCS schools were named Mix It Up Model Schools. They were among only 76 schools nationwide to be recognized for this accomplishment. Below are the write ups detailing how each school promoted the event.

Frank Porter Graham Bilingüe

Organizers compiled lessons and resources from Teaching Tolerance and shared them with all grade-level teachers, who then integrated the material into classes a week before Mix It Up at Lunch Day. Preparing fourth- and fifth-grade student leaders - including those classified as academically or intellectually gifted, those receiving special education and pairs of students who’d previously struggled to get along - was another important element of getting ready for the event. On the big day, “Would you rather?” questions created by the student leaders were a huge hit!

Morris Grove Elementary School

Mixed-up seating and clothing weren’t enough for Morris Grove Elementary. The cafeteria staff joined in the fun by mixing up students’ lunch trays, serving the food backward and mixing fruits and veggies together! With this fun spirit and conversation starters at every table, students were able to find common ground with new friends. After the Mix event, Morris Grove devoted a whole month to showing gratitude toward one another.