Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Five CHCCS Staff Named Teacher Voice Fellows

The Hope Street Group recently named 26 North Carolina Teacher Voice Fellows. The Fellowship program consists of teachers and coaches who serve as spokespeople for positive change in their profession through connecting with other teachers, and local and national policymakers.

Five of these Fellows are members of our CHCCS team: Marlow Artis, Tracy Letitia Harrison Bell, Jaclyn Holland, Mary Alicia Lyons, and Elaine Myles.

The North Carolina Teacher Voice Fellows positively inform decisions made by education policymakers by providing feedback from colleagues that represents the collective and diverse opinions of educators throughout the state. By collaborating with partner organizations and engaging peers to learn more about and share their own stories related to policy decisions, Fellows will accelerate a movement of constructive teacher-led conversations around solutions that bring the most benefit to the students of North Carolina.

Congratulations to our Fellows!