Monday, June 1, 2015

SNAColades 2014-15

The Special Needs Advisory Council (SNAC) created SNAColades to honor CHCCS staff who, through their hard work and creativity, make our children's school experience more meaningful. The following have been selected for this recognition based on the testimonials of the Exceptional Children (EC) community. Below each name is a quote from an appreciative parent.

SNAColade Recipients 2014-15:

Pre-K Intervention Program
Thea Wilson, Heather Miller, Donna Swahlan and Jennifer Howard

“Their incredible efforts in helping our child meet her goals and their commitment to setting her up for success are invaluable. We are eternally thankful to them!”

Ephesus Elementary School
Tracy Kirkland, Carolyn Foushee and Glenda Johnson

“The care and attention that they provide to our child are huge contributions to her success. They are amazing and we are so thankful to have them as her teachers!”

McDougle Elementary School
Taron Parent

Ms. Parent received two SNAColade nominations.

“She has shown a lot of enthusiasm and passion for the job and most especially, for the kids she looks after.  She has gone over and beyond our expectations and makes the time my child spends in school very enjoyable.”

“She is simply the most dedicated and hard working teacher. We introduced a novel communication device this year and Ms. Parent has devoted countless hours outside the classroom to become a skilled communication partner. Her academic excellence is matched with a warm and empathetic personality.”

Breana Jense and Tiyan Peterson
“They make an exceptional team and show a lot of love and compassion towards our children.”

Morris Grove Elementary School
Jordan Lupton

“She consistently expects much from her students. She is an excellent communicator with the family and the team. She uses technology effectively, and she attempts to reach out to children from minority families.”

Northside Elementary School
Carlos Lavin

“Mr. Lavin has provided an extremely professional and supportive environment for my child, challenging him in a fun and mutually respectful manner. His ability to reach the students where they are, and willingness to try new tactics until finding the right one, is exceptional and worthy of recognition.”

Scroggs Elementary School
Tricia Billy, Janet Shaheen and Patricia Thompson

“All deserve lots of praise for their phenomenal work with special needs children.”

Noujoud Ouazzani
“She is fantastic with our special needs child (above and beyond with positivity)!”

Vicky McGlinchey and Sandy Scheuermann
“My child has been successful in navigating a multitude of transitions and responsibilities and these two educators have supported him and us as we adapted to changing needs, behaviors and requirements to help him be successful.”

Seawell Elementary School
Annie Cramer

“Ms. Cramer came to us and asked how she could help our child get the most out of his time in Art. That was more than any specials teacher had ever done! Her willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty when she teaches every student in that school and has limited resources was just mind-blowing. Because of her, our son learned to stop hating specials -- and can do electives when he goes to middle school. Her effort on his behalf was just amazing, and so touching to us.”

Julie Halpert
“My child is forever changed because of Julie Halpert. She is the one-in-a-million teacher who knows that "gifted" is not always a blessing, that a diagnosis of Asperger’s is not a curse, and that all kids, especially the ones who have a hard time at school but also hold so much untapped potential just waiting to be unlocked, require nurturing and emotional support in order to thrive. We are so grateful for her.”

Culbreth Middle School
Jessica Gates

“Ms. Jess is calm, creative and perceptive about student behavior. She continually challenges her students without pushing too far. She does an excellent job of keeping us informed and gives me hope for my child’s future and what he can accomplish!”

Rebecca VonHoene, James Econopoly and Matthew Hayes
“These teachers have gone above and beyond to plan together and support our child and provide resources to our family. They are outstanding examples of dedicated professionals who value student success above all else.”

Phillips Middle School
Kayleigh Vogan

“Ms. Vogan is the most outstanding EC teacher I have ever met. She consistently has appropriate, differentiated lessons planned to further each child’s progress and has kept us informed of our child’s progress at least weekly and more often when necessary. She was unphased by behavior issues, but immediately began problem solving, involving parental input, and implementing solutions. She is stellar!”

Smith Middle School
Keith Raitano and Mary Raitano

“Doing a fine job helping an academic wizard navigate social structure and appropriate behaviors.”

"Mamma Stoochie"
“She "gets" my child.”

Team 6A Smith Middle School (Anne Anderson, Noa Stuchiner, Channing Bennett, Katie Lonergan, Don Minnick)
“Go team Go! Whoo Hoooo!!!”

Carrboro High School
Melissa Barry

“She is a good communicator, is constantly looking out for ways for my child’s class to get involved in the community and in the high school at large, and looks for interesting field trips exposing them to new experiences. She has my child’s best interest at heart!”

John Hite
“A continued SNAColade for supporting all students regardless of his 'caseload.'”

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