Friday, May 20, 2016

Grinnell Named 2016-17 Teacher of the Year at Recognition Reception

Jessie Grinnell of Culbreth Middle, was named the District Teacher of the Year at the Annual Recognition Reception on May 20 at Carrboro High.

Grinnell is an eighth grade English Language Arts teacher with six years of teaching experience.  She holds a bachelor of arts degree in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her teaching certification in Middle Grades Language Arts from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  Grinnell received a $1,000 check from the Bank of North Carolina, as well as gifts from area businesses.

Two Honor Teachers were also named on Friday.  They are Lisa French of Carrboro High and Jared Mann of Phoenix Academy High.  They each received a $500 check from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation (PSF) and gifts from local businesses.

Other Teachers of the Year were recognized with $100 checks from PSF and gifts rom local businesses.  They are: Brandy Hutchens, Carrboro Elementary; Kaitlin Baird, Ephesus Elementary; Claire Rizzo, Estes Hills Elementary; Denise Feliz, FPG Bilingüe; Robin Franklin, Glenwood Elementary; Hope Kilgo, McDougle Elementary; Amy Brazaski, Morris Grove Elementary; Deandra Hill, Northside Elementary; Craig Walker, Rashkis Elementary; Jeanette Dixon, Scroggs Elementary; Shanice Harrington, Seawell Elementary; Kate Parrent, McDougle Middle; Ann Daaleman, Phillips Middle; April Ferguson, Smith Middle; Randy Trumbower, Chapel Hill High; and Beth Watson, East Chapel Hill High.

Teacher of the Year gifts were provided by:  A Better Image Printing, Barnes and Noble at New Hope Commons, Chapel Hill Florist, Chapel Hill Restaurant Group, Office Depot and the Spotted Dog Restaurant.

Jessie Grinnell, District Teacher of the Year

Lisa French, District Honor Teacher

Jared Mann, District Honor Teacher

The Mary Scroggs Award for Excellence in Providing Support Services recognizes one classified staff member from each school and several Lincoln Center departments.  The award recipient is Howard "Bobby" Woodard, an electrical assistant with the district's Facilities Maintenance Department, who also received a $1,000 check.  Two Honor Recipients were named.  They are Norma Centeno, a teacher assistant at Ephesus Elementary, and Ernestine Hulett, a teacher assistant at Morris Grove Elementary.  They each received $500.

Other Classified Staff of the Year, who each received $100, are:  Sharon Prince, teacher assistant, Carrboro Elementary; Lisa House, receptionist, Estes Hills Elementary; Mabel Gonzalez, media assistant, FPG Bilingüe; Jeannine Brinkman, teacher assistant, Glenwood Elementary; Kathy Bomba, teacher assistant, McDougle Elementary; Felita Pierre, lead custodian, Northside Elementary; Loretta Mount, EC teacher assistant, Rashkis Elementary; Latha Sabesan, teacher assistant, Scroggs Elementary; Jen Brouder, teacher assistant, Seawell Elementary; Kendra Rone, bookkeeper, Culbreth Middle; Julie Walker, EC teacher assistant, McDougle Middle; Willie Alston, head custodian, Phillips Middle; Jo Soulier, guidance secretary, Smith Middle; Kendra Hargett-Chamblee, study hall assistant, Carrboro High; Teresa Dawson, school secretary, Chapel Hill High; Helen Yvonne Ware, secretary, East Chapel Hill High; Ellen Hines, monthly payroll technician, Budget and Finance, Lincoln Center; Patrick Mimranek, IT support specialist, Information Technology, Lincoln Center; and Nakia Allen, secretary, Transportation.

Betsy Booth, school social worker at Estes Hills Elementary, received the Exceptional Children Student Services Staff of the Year Award, as well as a check for $500.  The two Honor Recipients are Sandra McAdoo, EC program facilitator at Chapel Hill High, and Amy Singer, school counselor at Carrboro Elementary.  They each received $250.

The other ECSS Staff of the Year, who each received $50, are: Tamika Harris, occupational therapist, Ephesus Elementary; Janice Anderson, school nurse, FPG Bilingüe; Bill Rathbun, school counselor, Glenwood Elementary; Valerie Minogue, school nurse, McDougle Elementary; Lara Statile, school nurse, Morris Grove Elementary; Julie Vogel, school nurse, Northside Elementary; Carlie Ewen, school social worker, Rashkis Elementary; Cindy Zwiacher, school nurse, Scroggs Elementary; Linda Williford, school social worker, Seawell Elementary; Stefanie Mazva-Cohen, school social worker, Culbreth Middle; Connie Riddle, school nurse, McDougle Middle; Allison Blue, school social worker, Phillips Middle; Sheila Bryan, school counselor, Smith Middle; Kathryn Watson, school nurse, Carrboro High; Jerri Fritzo, school psychologist, East Chapel Hill High; and Lynda Craig, school nurse, Pre-K/Head Start.

Classified and EC staff of the Year gifts were provided by FSI Office and University Florist.

Other staff awards were also presented at the event.

LaVerne Mattocks of Carrboro High was recognized as the district's Principal of the Year, while Katie Caggia of Estes Hills Elementary was named the district's Assistant Principal of the Year.  Rydell Harrison, executive director of professional development and Project ADVANCE, received the Award for Excellence in District Administration.

Tina Mansfield of Morris Grove Elementary was the recipient of the Jeanette Blackwell Mentor Teacher Award.  Morgan May of Culbreth Middle received the CHC Promising New Teacher Award.  Jessica Kelly of Culbreth Middle was named the recipient of the Elmo's Award for Excellence in Teaching English as a Second Language and World Language.

The Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate (BRMA) program presented two Excellence in Equitable Teaching Awards.  These award recipeints are selected by the students in BRMA.  The middle school award went to Eric Zeigler of Smith Middle, and Kimberly Manning of East Chapel Hill High received the high school award.

Representatives of PSF were on hand to present both new and renewing Teaching Chairs.  Denise Keene of Smith Middle is the Kim Hoke Chair for Excellence in Teaching Exceptional Children, a new chair named this year.  Jessie Grinnell of Culbreth Middle is the Neil Pedersen Teachers First Chair for Excellence in Classroom Technology.  Claire Ross of Estes Hills Elementary is the Sockwell Chair for Excellence in Teaching in the Primary Grades (PreK-2).  Brian Link of East Chapel Hill High is the Bernadine Sullivan Chair for Excellence in Teaching High School English or Social Studies.  Nicholas Van Hoene of Smith Middle is the GlaxoSmithKline Chair for Excellence in Teaching Middle School Science or Math.

Renewing chair recipients were also honored on Friday.  Jay Wilson of East Chapel Hill High is the Elmo's Excellence in Teaching Mathematics or Science Chair.  Katherine Whttington of Phillips Middle is the Burton Stuart Chair for Promising New Teachers of Secondary Math or Science.  Erin White of Smith Middle is the Zora Rashkis Teaching Chair in Middle School Language Arts.  Laura Boening of Morris Grove Elementary is the Upper Elementary Chair for Excellence in Teaching Innovation.

Ten teachers were recognized for earning their National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.  They join the almost 300 other CHCCS teachers who have earned their National Boards.  They are:  Mary Allen, Hospital School; Robert "Bear" Bashford, McDougle Middle; Mathew Cone, Carrboro High; Robin Gallaher, Carrboro High; Mike Harris, Phillips Middle; Beth O'Donnell, Chapel Hill High; Erika Pawlowski, Carrboro Elementary; Sarah Sconyers, East Chapel Hill High; Haley Wamble, East Chapel Hill High; and Michelle Wilson, Chapel Hill High.

Seventeen employees were recognized for retiring from the district this year.  They include:  Faith Becker, Hospital School; Tom Brown, Carrboro High; Boyd Brevard, Smith Middle; Jane Clunie, McDougle Elementary; Gail Cloud, PreK/Head Start; Alma Kay Dixon, McDougle Elementary; Becky Dallke, Morris Grove Elementary; Donna Gates, Chapel Hill High; Ruben Giral, McDougle Middle; Mary Gunderson, Lincoln Center; Ray Hartsfield, East Chapel Hill High; Letitia Johnson, Phillips Middle; Sherron Leplin, Lincoln Center; Archie McCrimmon, Transportation; Mary Roberts, Lincoln Center; Lawrence Webster, Smith Middle; and Lucy Wilks, East Chapel Hill High.

Employees are also honored for attaining milestones of service with CHCCS.  Beverly Roberson, bus driver with Transportation was honored for her 35 years of service.

Three employees were honored for having 30 years of service to CHCCS.  They are:  Mary Gunderson, Lincoln Center; Pamela A. Lee, Phillips Middle; and Joyce Wilson, Chapel Hill High.

Employees with 25 years of service included:  Nancy Bierman, Morris Grove Elementary; Mary E. Gates, McDougle Elementary; Angela Greene, Phillips Middle; Jennifer Burnette, Seawell Elementary; Elizabeth Ann Pharr Harrawood, FPG Bilingüe; Don Minnick, Smith Middle; Ann Morgan, Phillips Middle; Annette Price, McDougle Elementary; Carl A. Smith, Seawell Elementary; Pablo Valencia, FPG Bilingüe; and Donna Wyatt, Lincoln Center.

Employees with 20 years of service included:  Beverly Alston, Transportation; Roberto Aponte, Lincoln Center; Evon B. Barnes, East Chapel Hill High; Taren K. Basnight, Seawell Elementary; Darrell Battle, Glenwood Elementary; Bob Bedell, Phillips Middle; Andrea H. Bittle, Glenwood Elementary; Denise Buckley, Lincoln Center; Beth Burns, Rashkis Elementary; Gretchen Capps, Ephesus Elementary; Carolyn Cotton, East Chapel Hill High; Shelia Crosland, Scroggs Elementary; Bethany Custer, Lincoln Center; Janet Davis-Castro, Carrboro Elementary; Rebecca A. Daye, East Chapel Hill High; Richard M. Drenzek, Transportation and Lincoln Center; JoAnn Ivey Duncan, Transportation; Queen Edge, Lincoln Center; Bobby Lee Edwards, Chapel Hill High; Lara Farrar, Lincoln Center; John Gillespie, East Chapel Hill High; Ruben Giral, McDougle Middle; Ray P. Hartsfield, East Chapel Hill High; Jaye Hockaday, McDougle Elementary; Alice B. A. Lassiter, Carrboro Elementary; Vicki C. Johnson, Chapel Hill High; Bobby Kelly, Glenwood Elementary; Sharon Ann McCauley, Ephesus Elementary; Tina Lentz Mansfield, Morris Grove Elementary; Lavern M. Manzano, Lincoln Center; Stephen Marquis, East Chapel Hill High; Lewis Marsh, Culbreth Middle; Helen Phillips Maxwell, Rashkis Elementary; Bill Melega, Chapel Hill High; Yin Mei Meng, Glenwood Elementary; Bradley E. Miller, East Chapel Hill High; Lee Newbold, Carrboro Elementary; Kate Parrent, McDougle Middle; Teresa Pitts, Chapel Hill High; Amelia Adams Quick, Chapel Hill High; Christopher Samuel Robinson, Sr., Transportation; Karen Sharp, Chapel Hill High; Barbara Sternowski, Estes Hills Elementary; Paula Thompson, Seawell Elementary; Dale Traugott, East Chapel Hill High; Kara M. VanHooser, McDougle Elementary; H. Yvonne Ware, East Chapel Hill High; Freida Whitehead, Chapel Hill High; Mark Williams, Lincoln Center; Latoya Williams-Clark, McDougle Middle; Pier Angela Wilson-Crocker, McDougle Middle; Jerilyn Wilson, Phillips Middle; Howard "Bobby" Woodard, Lincoln Center; and Edwina Zagami, Phillips Middle.

The district also recognized the six staff members who passed away this year.  They are:  Christopher Abbassee, media specialist, Culbreth Middle; Vanessa Cotton, EC teacher assistant, Culbreth Middle; Bo Pway Htoo, custodian, Lincoln Center; Fred Lockwood, custodian, Carrboro High; Michael Sanford, custodian, Phillips Middle; and Freida Whitehead, school secretary, Chapel Hill High.

The annual Recognition Reception is hosted in collaboration with the Public School Foundation (PSF).

"Every year we take the time to honor and celebrate CHCCS employees publicly and thank them for what they do.  These staff members go above and beyond in their roles," said Superintendent Tom Forcella.  "It is always one of the best evenings of the year and I want to add my thanks to all CHCCS staff for their hard work and efforts throughout the year."