Friday, May 13, 2016

Technology Student Association (TSA) Awards

The Technology Student Association (TSA) chapters from Phillips and McDougle Middle Schools, as well as East Chapel Hill and Chapel Hill High Schools, recently journeyed to Greensboro to attend the 2016 NCTSA State Conference. Altogether, these 44 students represented their district, schools, and communities with pride and determination. This conference has grown and our students competed among nearly 1,300 other TSA students from across the state. The next step for some of these students is attending the National TSA Conference this summer in Nashville, Tennessee.

Redmond Grigg
Of the 87 TSA chapters in North Carolina, the Chapel Hill High chapter is being recognized as one of only three to win the prestigious Chapter Excellence Award. Additionally, Chapel Hill High TSA once again sends two incredibly talented leaders to the NCTSA State Officer team. Kyle Halstater was elected the 2016-2017 NCTSA Treasurer, and Jillian Breithaupt, the 2016-2017 NCTSA President. They both do so much for their chapter, representing CHCCS, and now again for they are serving the state organization as officers.

A special recognition was bestowed upon Redmond Grigg, advisor for the McDougle Middle chapter. Redmond was named North Carolina's Middle School Advisor of the Year. His outstanding work has not gone unnoticed.

Here is the complete list of CHCCS TSA award honorees:

East Chapel Hill High School (Mr. Patrick Pudlo-Adviser)
3rd Place Structural Engineering Mike Pudlo & Angad Grewal
1st Place Technical Sketching & Application Greg Arleth
1st Place Transportation Modeling Mike Pudlo
2nd Place Webmaster Matt Pudlo & Luke Cunningham

Phillips Middle School (Mr. Dale Haiducek-Adviser)
3rd Place Mass Production Deegan Albrecht, Yash Gupta, & Will Grabowski
1st Place Medical Technology Issues Deegan Albrecht, Yash Gupta, & Will Grabowski
1st Place Microcontroller Design Ethan Bartlett, Jake Boggs & Garrett Beggs
3rd Place Prepared Speech Riley Akos
3rd Place Technical Design Riley Akos & Yash Gupta
1st Place CAD Foundations Paxton Antrim
1st Place Dragster Paxton Antrim

McDougle Middle School (Mr. Redmond Grigg-Adviser)
2nd Place Chapter Team- Angel Koshy, Sam Gordon, Carly Pollock, Brennan Schrader, Jayden Gumerman, Greyson Shafiei,
1st Place Essays on Technology- Sam Gordon
2nd Place Forensic Technology- Angel Koshy & Carly Pollock
1st Place Flight- Angel Koshy
1st Place Leadership Strategies- Riley Corcoran, Lucas Gutierrez- Arnold, Jayden Gumerman

Congratulations to all of our students and advisors on another great year!