Friday, August 24, 2012

Teacher Supply Store Helps 425 Teachers

The East Chapel Hill Rotary Teacher Supply Store was opened August 22-23 at the Legion Hut in Chapel Hill.  Operated in conjunction with the Public School Foundation, the store served 425 CHCCS teachers.

The store is funded by a $15,000 grant from Staples, a similar amount from East Chapel Hill Rotary and grants from the Public School Foundation and the Sunrise Rotary Club.

This year, the store benefited middle and high school classroom teachers, secondary self-contained and ESL teachers, all first-year, novice classroom teachers throughout the district and all family specialists.  Each teacher received a voucher to select supplies and materials for the classroom.  The store was stocked with pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, book bags, thumb drives, staplers, pencil sharpeners, white boards, dry erase cleaner, calendars, tissues, book gift cards, hand sanitizer and more.

The store served elementary classroom teachers in 2011.

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