Friday, December 21, 2012

Chapel Hill HS Honors the Newtown Community

Students and staff at Chapel Hill High School decided to offer their deepest sympathy and condolences to the community of Sandy Hook Elementary.  For most at CHHS, December has always been a time of great joy and happiness; however this year, they are also thinking about the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and the unexplained act of violence that took the lives of innocent children and adults.

CHHS decided to initiate a letter writing campaign to the bereaved citizens of Newton, CT.  Any student, faculty or staff member was welcome to write their own condolence letter.  The sympathy notes were mailed on December 21.  The CHHS community hope to alleviate the unimaginable pain that the citizens of Newtown are feeling and to show that they are not alone.

Also, after school on December 19, CHHS staff and students packed roses for each of the teachers at their neighbor school, Seawell Elementary.  The roses were delivered to the Seawell teachers on December 20 as a surprise.

Both of these acts of kindness were CHHS's way of showing that the students, faculty and staff have the people of Newtown in their hearts and the Seawell teachers in their thoughts every day.

Roses awaiting the teachers at Seawell Elementary with a note from Chapel Hill HS students and staff

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