Thursday, February 7, 2013

CHCCS Students Named National Merit Finalists

Forty-nine CHCCS students have been named National Merit Finalists for 2013.

The students from Carrboro HS are:  Etienne Bovet; Camilla Dohlman; Melaina Dyck; Kristen Lee; and Colleen McCarthy.

The students from Chapel Hill HS are: Hannah Blackburn; Laurence Cecil; Willa Chen; Samuela Fernandes; Elizabeth Fox; Arun Ganesh; Thomas Hastings Greer; Wesley Guo; Michael Huang; Michelle Jin; Shiyi Li; Chiara Salemi; Caleb Stern; Kiera Turner; and Charles Woldorff.

The students from East Chapel Hill HS are:  Bernard Amaldoss; Eric Chiou; Nathan Cho; Quinlan Cullen; Bridget Dou; Mitchell Gelpi; Zhen Hu; Kelly Jiang; Sung-Hoon Kim; Diana Lamaute; Hannah Lee; Austin Liu; Amanda Lohmann; Sandhya Mahadevan; William McEntee; Loreanne Oh; Nina Pande; Jacob Reed; Casey Smith; Tyler Tran; Joyce Wang; Alexandra Willcox; Lena Wilson; Maggie Xing; Alice Yu; Cissy Yu; Allen Zhou; and Zhongsan Zhu.

The National Merit Scholarship Program is a privately financed academic competition that began in 1955.  High school students are eligible for the Merit Program by taking the PSAT/NMSQT, a test taken by more than 1.5 million entrants each year, with just over 8,000 selected as National Merit Finalists.

The district also had six students named National Achievement Scholarship Finalists.  They are: Norman Archer, Chapel Hill HS; Jeane-Yve Daniel, East Chapel Hill HS; Bria Johnson, East Chapel Hill HS; Diana Lamaute, East Chapel Hill HS; Troy Mitchell, East Chapel Hill HS; and Kendall Simms, Chapel Hill HS.

The National Achievement Scholarship was established in 1964 to recognize outstanding Black American high school students.  Finalists are selected based on their abilities, skills and accomplishments.  Only 800 Finalists are selected from the more than 160,000 students who enter based on information supplied on their PSAT/NMSQT.

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