Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Glenwood Elementary Sister School

Walt Disney was right...It is indeed a small world after all.

Our own Glenwood Elementary Gators have been working on creating a sister school relationship with a school in Beijing - the Second Elementary School of the Beijing Chaoyang Foreign Language School (Chao Wei Er Bu for short). 

This school recently merged with a nearby middle school, high school, and another elementary school to be one big school. The school has aspirations to be a leader in foreign languages, but for now it offers the same English program as the other public schools in Beijing. 

Glenwood students sent letters that were received warmly by principal. In fact, she immediately distributed them to her teachers and asked for responses. Glenwood now has a complete set of delightfully illustrated Chao Wei letters. English letters are answered in English, and Chinese letters in Chinese. There was also a ceremony to formally receive the gifts from Glenwood and, in turn, to present a variety of gifts destined for Glenwood.

The pictures below show Chao Wei kids displaying their Glenwood wrist bands, and greeting Glenwood with a gator chomp!