Wednesday, January 27, 2016

BRMA Honors Mentors During National Mentoring Month

 Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate (BRMA) recently celebrated National Mentoring Month with a Mentor Appreciation Event. More than 60 participants, including mentors, mentees and their families, participated in the Thank You Dinner.

BRMA is a Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools support program designed to improve the achievement of students of color. The program provides students with the adult support they need in the form of a mentor-advocate to attain their personal and academic potential. The mentor-advocate plays a dual role, establishing a meaningful relationship with the young person as well as promoting the child’s success in school by working as an advocate in conjunction with the child’s family and school personnel.

The Mentor Appreciation Event was a way to thank these mentor-advocates for all their hard work and dedication to the students in the program. A BRMA sixth-grader from McDougle Middle School played "Ode to Joy" on her violin, while three Phillips Middle School students read poems honoring all BRMA mentors.

Mentors were overwhelmed with the outpouring of love from the families they have bonded with over the years. Mentor Mike Nowicki said his wife was brought to tears when she read a card he received from his mentee.

National Mentoring Month celebrates and honors the importance of quality mentoring programs such as BRMA and the role that mentors fill.