Thursday, May 11, 2017

CHCCS Honors Staff at Annual Recognition Reception

Boening Named 2017-18 Teacher of the Year

Lauren Boening of Morris Grove Elementary, was named the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) Teacher of the Year at the annual Recognition Reception on May 11 at Carrboro High.

Boening is a third grade teacher with seven years of teaching experience.  She holds a bachelor of arts degree in Elementary Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Boening received a $1,000 check from BNC Bank, as well as gifts from area businesses.

Two Honor Teachers were also named on Thursday.  They are Terra Hodge of Culbreth Middle and Anna Kohler of the UNC Hospital School.  They each received a $500 check from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation (PSF) and gifts from local businesses.

Lauren Boening, 2017-18 CHCCS Teacher of the Year

Terra Hodge, District Honor Teacher

Anna Kohler, District Honor Teacher

Other Teachers of the Year were recognized with $100 checks from PSF and gifts from local businesses.  They are: Emily Moorman, Carrboro Elementary; Rachel Etheridge, Ephesus Elementary; Ann Partin, Estes Hills Elementary; Flor Ramirez, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; Jianghong “Jenny” Zhao, Glenwood Elementary; Natalie Sayag, McDougle Elementary; Nancy Hilburn, Northside Elementary; Amanda Klinkman, Rashkis Elementary; Rebeka Barringer, Scroggs Elementary; Kevin Swain, Seawell Elementary; Christine Lippy, McDougle Middle; Katherine Whittington, Phillips Middle; Danka Kulikowski, Smith Middle; Melissa Barry, Carrboro High; Isaac Marsh, Chapel Hill High; and Shannon McGinnis, East Chapel Hill High.

Teacher of the Year gifts were provided by:  A Better Image Printing, Chapel Hill Florist, Chapel Hill Restaurant Group and Office Depot.

The Mary Scroggs Award for Excellence in Providing Support Services recognizes one classified staff member from each school and several Lincoln Center departments.  The award recipient is Cedric Bush, a teacher assistant at Morris Grove Elementary, who also received a $1,000 check.  Two Honor Recipients were named.  They are Barry Garrett, an EC teacher assistant at Northside Elementary, and Geoff Gentry, the data manager at McDougle Middle.  They each received $500.

Other Classified Staff of the Year, who each received $100, are:  Natalie Blake, teacher assistant, Carrboro Elementary; Junsie Cotten, teacher assistant, Estes Hills Elementary; Karl Pace, teacher assistant, Estes Hills Elementary; Alexandra Lopez, school secretary/bookkeeper, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; Crystal Jones, data manager and receptionist, Glenwood Elementary; Juan Orozco, teacher assistant, McDougle Elementary; Takeeta Self, EC teacher assistant, Rashkis Elementary; Takita Dowdy, teacher assistant, Scroggs Elementary; Joann Westfall, school secretary, Seawell Elementary; Sharon Smith, EC teacher assistant, Culbreth Middle; Richard Frampton, EC teacher assistant, Phillips Middle; Marie Joe Saunders, school secretary/bookkeeper, Smith Middle; John Street, custodian, Carrboro High; Anthony Little, building technician, Chapel Hill High; Sara Adcock, teacher assistant, East Chapel Hill High; Cinthia Gonzalez, family services liaison, Pre-K/Head Start, Lincoln Center; Scott Latimore, digital media and web services coordinator, Information Technology, Lincoln Center; Lay Po, custodian, Maintenance, Lincoln Center; and Vance Riggsbee, assistant operations manager, Transportation.

Matt Straub, school counselor at Culbreth Middle, received the Exceptional Children Student Services Staff of the Year Award, as well as a check for $500.  The two Honor Recipients are Vivian Quimbaya-Winship, school nurse at Glenwood Elementary, and Jennifer Radzik, occupational therapist with Pre-K/Head Start.  They each received $250.

The other ECSS Staff of the Year, who each received $50, are: Phyllis Norwood, speech language pathologist, Carrboro Elementary; Michele Hawkins, school nurse, Ephesus Elementary; Heidi van Brocklin, school counselor, Estes Hills Elementary; Barbie Garayua-Tudryn, school counselor, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; Kathie Guild, school counselor, McDougle Elementary; Teonaka Daye, school psychologist, Morris Grove Elementary; Lisle Pearman, EC program facilitator, Northside Elementary; Carlie Ewen, school social worker, Rashkis Elementary; Jessica Schaul, school psychologist, Scroggs Elementary; Eileen Stough, school nurse, Seawell Elementary; Keneisha Jones, school counselor, McDougle Middle; Brittany Egan, school counselor, Phillips Middle; Susan Pizzolato, school counselor, Smith Middle; Bari Sholomon, school counselor, Carrboro High; Frank Smith, 504 coordinator, Chapel Hill High; and Jessica Harris, school counselor, East Chapel Hill High.

Classified and EC staff of the Year gifts were provided by FSI Office and University Florist.

Other staff awards were also presented at the event.

Beverly Rudolph of Culbreth Middle was recognized as the district's Principal of the Year, while Jonathan Woody of Carrboro Elementary was named the district's Assistant Principal of the Year.  Elaine Watson-Grant, dual language and world language coordinator, received the Award for Excellence in District Administration.

Claire Gough of Culbreth Middle received the CHC Promising New Teacher Award.  Catherine Molyet of McDougle Middle was the recipient of the Jeannette Blackwell Mentor Teacher Award.   Beth Watson of East Chapel Hill High was named the recipient of the Elmo's Award for Excellence in Teaching English as a Second Language and World Language.  Delia Hudson of McDougle Elementary received the MSAN (Minority Student Achievement Network) Equity Equals Excellence Award.

The Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate (BRMA) program presented two Excellence in Equitable Teaching Awards.  These award recipients are selected by the students in BRMA.  The middle school award went to Tony Carter of Smith Middle, and Dominic Kiplar of East Chapel Hill High received the high school award.

Representatives of PSF were on hand to present both new and renewing Teaching Chairs.  Ann Daaleman of Phillips Middle is the PTSA Chair for Excellence in Teaching Cultural Arts.  Morgan May of Culbreth Middle is the Burton Stuart Chair for Promising New Teachers of Secondary Math or Science.  George Gilmer of Smith Middle is the Zora Rashkis Teaching Chair in Middle School Language Arts.  Candace Crothers of Glenwood Elementary is the Upper Elementary Chair for Excellence in Teaching Innovation.

Renewing chair recipients were also honored on Thursday.  Jay Wilson of East Chapel Hill High is the Elmo's Excellence in Teaching Mathematics or Science Chair.  Denise Keene of Smith Middle is the Kim Hoke Chair for Excellence in Teaching Exceptional Children.  Jessie Grinnell of Culbreth Middle is the Neil Pedersen Teachers First Chair for Excellence in Classroom Technology.  Brian Link of East Chapel Hill High is the Bernadine Sullivan Chair for Excellence in Teaching High School English or Social Studies.  Nicholas Von Hoene of Smith Middle is the GlaxoSmithKline Chair for Excellence in Teaching Middle School Science or Math.

Three teachers were recognized for earning their National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.  They join the almost 300 other CHCCS teachers who have earned their National Boards.  They are:  Toni Lehman, McDougle Elementary; Hope Love, East Chapel Hill High; and Daniel Segal, Smith Middle.

Twenty-two employees (of the more than 40) were recognized for retiring from the district this year.  They include:  Sam Berryhill, Culbreth Middle; Barbara Brunson, Seawell Elementary; Rebecca Daye, East Chapel Hill High; Susan DeWalt Brown, Scroggs Elementary; Melda Dunn, McDougle Middle; Kathie Guild, McDougle Elementary; Bonita Hill, McDougle Elementary; Shelia Holman-Leak, Culbreth Middle; Patricia Hurlman, Lincoln Center; George Ann McCay, Lincoln Center; Kathy Nelson, Lincoln Center; Connie Riddle, McDougle Middle; Maritza Santamaria, McDougle Elementary; Al Soulier, Lincoln Center; Lanny Stanley, Transportation; Barbara Sternowski, Estes Hills Elementary; Eleanor Tierney, Carrboro High; Dale Traugott, East Chapel Hill High; Wanda Weaver, Ephesus Elementary; Sheila Wilkerson, Chapel Hill High; Mark Williams, Lincoln Center; and Edwina Zagami, Phillips Middle.

Employees were also honored for attaining milestones of service with CHCCS.  Vance Riggsbee, the assistant operations manager with Transportation was honored for his 45 years of service and Laurie Maultsby Crabtree, a teacher assistant at Morris Grove Elementary was honored for her 35 years of service.

Four employees were honored for having 30 years of service to CHCCS.  They are:  Kathryn Glosson, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; Patricia Hurlman, Lincoln Center; Kaye Martinez, Culbreth Middle; and Al Soulier, Lincoln Center.

Employees with 25 years of service included:  Janis Basnight, Ephesus Elementary; Jonathan Beyle, Phillips Middle; Wesley Farrar, Lincoln Center; James Latta, Lincoln Center; Bruce Manning, Ephesus Elementary; Kathy Nelson, Lincoln Center; Ben Reed, Chapel Hill High; Sherry Smith, Culbreth Middle; Diane Villwock, Lincoln Center; Karen Weatherly, UNC Hospital School; Michelle Wood, Rashkis Elementary.

Employees with 20 years of service included:  Isabella Alston, Transportation Department; Regina Baratta, Smith Middle; Barbara Brunson, Seawell Elementary; Shawna Catlett, Ephesus Elementary; Barbara Copeland, McDougle Elementary; Lisa Corbett, Ephesus Elementary; Jacquelene Ellison, Carrboro Elementary; Robin Flintall, Rashkis Elementary; Shantina Foster, Morris Grove Elementary; Timmy George, Lincoln Center; Elizabeth Ironside, Lincoln Center; Mary Jones, Chapel Hill High; Susan Kenny, Scroggs Elementary; Paul Kieckbusch, Smith Middle; Mac Link, McDougle Middle; Mary O’Dor, Rashkis Elementary; Sharon Prince, Carrboro Elementary; Maritza Santamaria, McDougle Elementary; Tamra Haley Schuch, Morris Grove Elementary; Susan Stites, Chapel Hill High; Anne Tomalin, Chapel Hill High; Dale Traugott, East Chapel Hill High; and Ava Vanhook, Carrboro Elementary.

The annual Recognition Reception is hosted in collaboration with the Public School Foundation (PSF).

“All of the CHCCS staff members honored tonight have something in common: they put the needs of our students at the top of their to-do list every time they walk into their buildings.  The annual Recognition Reception is an opportunity to put the spotlight on these amazing educators, and show them the thanks and honor they deserve for all their effort, hard-work and accomplishments,” said Superintendent Pam Baldwin.  “I find inspiration in their work.”