Friday, June 8, 2018

Continue to Be More, Class of 2018

Tomorrow CHCCS will celebrate the graduation of our high school seniors. Our graduates have worked hard to reach this milestone - the moment when they hear their name called and then walk across the stage to receive a piece of paper that will change their life. There is no need to quote numbers, everyone knows the importance of staying in school and how having a high school diploma will enable someone to earn more, give more, help more, be more.

It is important to honor these seniors for their achievements.  Whether they are top of their class or not, putting the diploma in their hand gives them a boost for the rest of their lives. Today’s high school journey is not easy and CHCCS seniors know this - there is an understanding that they will graduate. In addition to classwork, students have extracurriculars, sports, arts, work, volunteering, all while squeezing in some moments for fun. Our students live in this pressure cooker of expectations.

To our Seniors: The reward for all your hard work, all of the years of studying, all the times you took a class that stretched your mind and abilities is the knowledge you gained. You are in control of your educational journey. You are. You get what you put into your education. This can also be applied to your life. When you work hard, have fun, take risks and encourage others, your life will be momentous. Never stop learning. Never stop looking for solutions. Never stop taking what you learn in your years here and apply it to where you are.

Your parents, teachers and I are all very proud of everything you have accomplished and cannot wait to see what you will do next. Your decisions will shape not only your future, but all of ours. While you continue to learn more, give more, help more and be more, we will continue to watch and learn from you.

Congratulations Class of 2018!