Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Books on Break gives away books to students

Books on Break
Over 4,500 books were given to more than 550 CHCCS students in grades K-8. Many happy children will be reading lots of wonderful books this summer; books they chose themselves. Remember to encourage all students to read, read, read over the summer break.

The Books on Break is in its second year and is coordinated by the Volunteers and Partners for Education Department with the school social workers.  They are also supported by Book Harvest and the Public School Foundation.

Susan Pearce is the program manager for the School Reading Partners.

School social workers serve as school liaisons and help schedule the events and get the programs rolling at their schools.  School social workers are:  Kerry Sherrill, Carrboro Elem.; Marne Meredith, Ephesus; Betsy Booth, Estes Hills; Karen Aldridge, FPG; Wendy Johnston and Patty Moore, Glenwood; Gloria Sanchez-Lane, McDougle Elem.; Angela Snider, Morris Grove; Candice Norwood, Rashkis; Sue Heflin, Scroggs; Linda Williford, Seawell; Stephanie Minter, Culbreth; Lisa DeCesaris, McDougle MS; Julia Gaskell, Phillips; and Tina Moore, Smith.

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