Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Skyping with John Kerry

The following was written on Wednesday, May 3 by James Hopkins, assistant principal at Carrboro High.

This afternoon Secretary John Kerry spoke to a room full of students, teachers, parents and other spectators. Teacher Matt Cone spent months emailing Secretary Kerry's office after he agreed to Skype during a conference they both attended. Finally, with the help of letters from his students and some Chapel Hill Toffee, he scored this afternoon's 34-minute Skype session.

After some friendly banter about Duke-Carolina basketball, several fantastic questions from the students and very thoughtful answers by Secretary Kerry, the biggest take away for me, in a room full of high school aged students, was when Secretary Kerry shared these words: 

"There is nothing more rewarding than the political fight...and you really can change peoples minds, I promise you, you can." 

I believe those words to be true - even when they don't feel like it at times. 

Secretary Kerry applauded the letters the students wrote, along with persistence of Mr. Cone. He closed the session by saying: 

"You really are exceptional, and I think you are going to make a terrific difference" 

Just another day at Carrboro High School...