Friday, June 29, 2018

Everyone Plays a Part in CHCCS for Student Success

In general, Strategic Plans can look the same. The way some are written, the plan could be for almost any school district in America. One of our goals was to stand out and be different when creating our new 2018-21 Strategic Plan. We want to make sure we empower, engage and inspire students, staff and our community. We want to ensure everyone in our community is engaged and realize they are a stakeholder in the success of CHCCS students - because you are.

As we start rolling out our 2018-21 Strategic Plan, we will begin to share its details and goals. We will work towards meeting the expectations we set out to accomplish, as well as those of our stakeholders. The timing for our new Strategic Plan couldn’t have worked out better, seeing as I now have a full year of leading CHCCS and learning about its culture. Things are clicking as we continue to take on new challenges, like hiring new administrators and principals to lead our schools.

Here we go, starting a new school year and another exciting journey together. Our focus, like last year, is simple: we want to empower, engage and inspire. We will continue to use these words over the next three years, working hard on our four pillars: Family and Community Engagement; Employee Experience; Student Success; and Organizational Effectiveness.

When we return in August, please look for more information about our 2018-21 Strategic Plan. Soon, we’ll have handouts and information available on our website with all the details. Get ready to gear up, CHCCS!